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"The impact of foreign investment on Canadian real estate" - CCIM Connections Magazine

I’m delighted to have been featured in the latest edition of "CCIM Connections Magazine"!  where I had the opportunity to discuss the impact of foreign investment on Canadian real estate.

The article, "Foreign Investors Help Fuel Canadian Investment Activity," highlights that nearly 50% of commercial real estate investments in Metro Vancouver last year were driven by foreign investors. “There’s a huge amount of foreign investment in Canada, either direct or indirect,” I noted.

One notable transaction mentioned was Germany’s Deka Group acquiring two downtown Vancouver office towers for $223 million. Toronto also saw significant activity with TPG's $970.5 million investment in two industrial parks.

The piece also discusses Canada’s ethnic diversity and its impact on the real estate market. With the country welcoming 500,000 new immigrants annually, the demand for housing and commercial real estate continues to rise.

Despite global market challenges, Canada experienced only a 15% decline in investment activity compared to the global 47% decrease. I pointed out, “Whenever we see other places in the world see some instability, we see money flow to Canada.”

For more insights, check out the full article: Foreign Investors Help Fuel Canadian Investment Activity

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